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Gardler Lighting Retro-Sol After Refitting




Gardler Lighting has created a unique value proposition Retro-Sol, for their clients, through which an extensive inspection / survey of the existing conventional lighting system in a store is carried out, and a scientific, structured assessment of the lighting is made.

And then, a very care-fully prepared lighting design with LED is furnished with focus not just on energy savings alone but presenting the store in a whole new ravishing light. Retro-Sol goes further.. In case financing / leasing options are sought by the clients, Gardler Lighting does referral to one of India’s most respected companies that extends such facilities. This arrangement is subject to certain parameters / criteria as prescribed by the finance company.

Often, the difference between a normal transaction and a delightful experience for a client, lies in how much of value-added services / supports the brand / seller extends.

Gardler, through their extraordinary list of value additions right from concept stage to completion, makes the entire experience unparalleled. Be it application design offering optimal lighting solutions, or Testing and Development facility, to customising specific fixtures - Gardler is a one-stop window for every need and applications.


Gardler Lighting Inspecting Old Store Lighting

Inspection Of Existing Conventional System

  1. Number of fixtures | their type | wattages

  2. Energy consumption

  3. Lux level measurement (lighting level)

  4. Gaps in coverage (dark patches, if any)

  5. Peak | Non-peak loads

  6. Grid patterns | load factors

  7. Fixture mounting aspects

Gardler Lighting Retro Sol Assessment Of Existing Conventional System 

Assessment Of Existing Conventional System 

  1. Lighting Layout

  2. Lighting design

  3. Coverage of each area for lighting levels, color temperature based on specific activity on merchandize assortment therein.

  4. Installation parameters

  5. Required lighting levelS.

Gardler lighting Retro Sol Generating Report And Recommendation

Generating Report And Recommendation

  1. Detailed assessment reports

  2. New design plans and recommendations

  3. Energy consumption optimisation

  4. Recommended lux levels specific to each area and merchandize layout.

  5. Savings calculation & Pay-back table

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