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Gardler Lighting 3D Reflector Light

Ultra High Efficiency

3D Reflector.. 

"..for a class-leading illumination coverage of space and merchandise.." 

3D Reflector

3D facets are specially designed with optical cutting-edge technology, One of the key elements in good lighting fixture is optical control that will direct the light to exactly where it’s needed. Reflector in the luminaries serve the purpose of light guidance.

A high quality efficient reflector is heart of the luminaire to optimize the cost, efficacy and light distribution with great results in perfect retail lighting.


Get a perfect light distribution and splendid visual appeal in the store, for an enhanced and delightful ambience. The very special coating technology on the reflector surface delivers excellent colour quality of the light.

Gardler Lighting 3D Ultra High Reflector

3D Ultra High
Efficiency Reflector

Reflectors in luminaires are important for effective and controlled distribution of light beams to get the right coverage of space and a comfortable viewing of the area and things around.

Gardler has developed the most innovative 3D facet reflectors that create stunning visual appeals in the retail store.

The Design Cut and Class of UHD 3D Reflector.. 

Gardler's range of luminaires mostly are designed in a way, their reflectors are interchangeable easily, enabling significant advantage of quick replacement as well as transforming a fixture for multiple applications viz. downlight, spotlight or a wide-angle coverage. With the UHD 3D special reflectors, the spread of light and beam angles can be controlled precisely.

Gardler Lighting 3D Ultra High Effeciency Reflector
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