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Gardler Lighting Trial Room Lighting

"See your attire in a different LIGHT"




3 - Stage color changeability  | Infra - red movement sensor  | Auto - dimming 

Presenting a revolutionary new concept for trial rooms (fitting rooms) in apparels / fashion stores...
The trial room or fitting room is the last mile place where customers make their final purchase decision. Various research studies across the world show that a majority of the customers get their conviction on their choice of apparels / dresses upon seeing themselves in the mirror in the fitting room and getting a feel for the fit and color of their selection. Not many know that lighting in this section plays a subtle, yet crucial role in enabling the customers to explore their selection of apparels / dresses in different light colors and contexts. Read on...

It is a convergence of multiple features that a trial room ideally must have along with a sensational new concept that enables the customers to see their attires in different lighting colors – ‘daylight’, ‘studio’ and ‘candlelight’.

It is scientifically proven that customers, when they see themselves in the mirror with their selection of apparels / dresses under different light colours (called colour temperature, in lighting science parlance), the experience is unique that leads to higher levels of satisfaction and decision. This ‘Fitto by Gardler’ almost defines the entire set up of trial room (fitting room) making the space a lot more indulgent by the customers.

This interactive ‘Fitto by Gardler’ has a soft-touch panel for 3-stage colour changeability for creating varied ambience, Infra-red movement sensor that switches on the lights when a customer moves in, auto dimming that reduces the light when the room is not occupied. All these intricate and thoughtful features offer a fabulous experience to the customers.



Gardler Lighting Trial Store Lighting A revolutionary concept for fashion stores
Gardler Lighting Trial Store Lighting 3 stage colur changeability
Gardler Lighting Trial Store Lighting Infrared movement sensor
Gardler Lighting Trial Store Lighting Auto Dimming

A revolutionary concept

for fashion stores

3 stage colour


Infrared movement




Gardler Lighting Trial Room Lighting Woman Shopping

No buying decision is complete

Until the try on is complete !

Benefits of FITTO by Gardler at a glance :

  • Engage and Retain Customers by offering them a new,
    value driven experience.

  • Boost Brand Image and loyalty without spending extra money. Reduce return rate.

  • Save electricity cost with FITTO's motion sensing and auto dimming technology.

FITTO Features


Gardler Lighting Fitto Lighting Technology


Daylight mode provides a cool white light
(5700K). This mode is bright and allows the
customer to distinguish the different colors
and shades of the clothing. This setting
simulates sun light. Pretty much any clothing
can be tried on in this setting, think especially
of coats and beachwear.

Gardler Lighting Fitto Lighting Technology


The studio mode is a neutral setting. It is a
combination of the cool bright 5700K and the
warm 2700K LEDs. This color temperature is
the standard colour that is used in office
lighting, shopping centre, schools and so on.

Gardler Lighting Fitto Lighting Technology


The candlelight mode allows a warm and
intimate ambience. This kind of lighting is
mainly used in restaurants, bars, clubs &
theaters. This setting provides the perfect
context for customers to fit lingerie or evening wear.

FITTO Courtesy - Lightwell, Netherlands

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